Formed Solutions is Your Thermoforming Partner.

Class A Thermoforming

Formed Solutions serves the North American market with high-quality vacuum forming, pressure forming, and compression molding services. Our customers demand highly aesthetic, dimensionally accurate, custom thermoformed plastic products, typically for Class A Surfaces. By playing a crucial role in customers’ supply chains, Formed Solutions ensures every product meets or exceeds industry standards and customer expectations.

Enhancing Product Quality

The cosmetic perfection of a blemish-free Class A Surface significantly enhances the perceived value of the product. This is especially important in sectors such as automotive, consumer electronics, and luxury goods, where the visual and tactile experience of the product plays a key role in the consumer’s purchasing decision. By achieving such high standards, Formed Solutions not only satisfies the functional requirements of the products but also elevates their aesthetic appeal, thereby creating a competitive edge in the market.

Beyond Thermoforming: Secondary Services

You can rely on Formed Solutions for cost-effective secondary services, such as assembly, finishing, and plating, hardware integration, flocking, and kitting. After thorough inspection of your thermoformed components, your order moves to our finishing department, where CNC machines provide high-volume trimming and precise routing. Integrating cutting-edge technology and custom assembly services ensures a lean and customer-focused work flow.

Thermoforming Excellence

Advances in vacuum forming, pressure forming, and compression molding, together with our full complement of secondary services, make Formed Solutions an excellent resource for enhancing your thermoformed product quality and performance. Ask our sales engineers for additional information.

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